TTT: Fall ‘To Be Read’ List

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun way to get together people who love books and lists. Every Tuesday is a different topic and this week we’re talking about what’s top in our reading list for the season!

1 Alif the Unseen – G. Willow Wilson

This is the first of two book club picks. What’s nice about book clubs is that I run across books that I’ve never heard of before. I haven’t ventured into Urban Fantasy, so I’m ready to give this a try.

2 The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman

Last month I just read The Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights) for the first time and I loved it. I really want to read book 2 and 3 within the next couple of months. 

3 Burial Rites – Hannah Kent

For years I’ve been dreaming about visiting Iceland. While I save up I’ll just have to rely on books to get me through, and this Historical Fiction mystery is tops on my list.

4 House of Leaves – Mark Z. Danielewski

This is the first of my Halloween books and I’m excited to tackle this mammoth of a novel. The hype is thick with this one and I’m glad that I’m going in pretty blind. 

5 The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Becky Chambers

My second book club selection is the first book of a Sci-Fi series that seems to be rising in popularity, especially after winning a Hugo this year. 

6 Recursion – Blake Crouch

A few years back I was so fortunate to get a free copy of Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and became an instant fan. Recursion has been on my shelves for a couple of months now, and I really want to get to it before the year ends before it starts taunting me.

7 Rosemary’s Baby – Ira Levin

Another Halloween pick that’s also a classic. I loved, loved Stepford Wives, so I have high hopes that Levin will horrify me yet again. 

8 The Shining – Stephen King

Ever since the first teaser trailer for Doctor Sleep came out I’ve been a buzzin’. In October I want to revisit both the book and movie version of The Shining, both of which I love.

9 The Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman

*See The Amber Spyglass above**

10 thoughts on “TTT: Fall ‘To Be Read’ List

  1. I’ve had the “His dark materials” books on my TBR for a while now but I’ve not quite been in the mood for them. Maybe it’s time for me to give them another try.
    I hope you have great fun with your reads. 🙂

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