Hello October!

As I’m typing this I’m watching past seasons of Halloween Baking Championship, getting excited for all my plans for the month. 

There are some classic movies I want to revisit, but I also have a couple of classics that I want to see for the first time, like The Thing and The Exorcist. On the book side I’m finally diving into the House of Leaves, which I’ve been meaning to do for years now. 

So in honor of Horror week and the start of the best month of the year, here are a few of my favorite horror things…


Frankenstein – Read it twice, cried twice and can’t wait to cry a third time when I read it for Classics Club.

Her Body and Other Parties – This collection of short stories covers a variety of genres but unsettling horror is throughout, concentrating on the daily small violences that women’s bodies go through.  

The Stepford Wives – I knew the main plot of this book and it still shook me to my core. Both terrifying and deeply depressing. This would be an excellent double feature with Her Body and Other Parties.


The Babadook – As a mother and someone who has dealt with depression I was really taken in by this movie. It’s been a few years but I remember sob crying but it shows how motherhood can sometimes feel like isolation and grief, depression, and a perceived ‘difficult child’ can compound those feelings, creating a horrific cycle. 

Psycho – Just a classic. For the past 5 years I watch Psycho every October and I still find it fascinating.

The Shining – This is the movie I saw way too young and had many nightmares about. It took me awhile to revisit it, but once I did, I was hooked. 


Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I loved it during it first run (I was in Middle School!) and I was so happy that most of it held up when I revisited it a few years ago. I don’t mind the pulpy camp and I think there are some great horror elements (I mean Hush, Hush… *chef’s kiss*)

Hannibal – I don’t know how Byran Fuller convinced NBC to air this show. I was shocked that I wasn’t watching it on HBO or Showtime. Not only was the horror great in Hannibal but it was also visually stunning (is it bad to call gory things ‘visually stunning’?)

The Haunting of Hill House – Even though this just came out last year I fell in love fast. I can’t wait for The Haunting of Bly Manor because I love The Turn of the Screw and can’t wait to see Mike Flanagan’s interpretation. 

What are some of your favorite horror things, whether old or new?

2 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. I love The Haunting of Hill House! Have you read the book? It’s very different from the show but so good. Shirley Jackson was an exceptional writer. I’d definitely recommend reading it in the fall!

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