TTT: Winter TBR

I don’t know why but I just love putting together these TBR list every season. I think it gives me an opportunity to not just plan, but to get excited for the next few months!

As I was preparing this list I looked back at my Fall TBR and got a wonderful surprise. Usually if I read half of the books listed I’m doing good, but this past fall I read 7 out of 9! :O

I’m not going to hold this standard for future lists, but it would be nice. 🙂

If you’re wondering what’s going on, this is apart of a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Girl called Top Ten Tuesday. Boy oh boy, if you like book lists then this is the website to check out. 

Now on with my Winter TBR list!!


1 Borne – Jeff Vandermeer

I have a few of Vandermeer’s books on my shelf waiting to be read! I plan in 2020 to correct this mistake and I’ll start with Borne. The Strange Bird and Dead Astronauts are set in the same universe as Borne, so a natural first step. 

2 They Called Us Enemy – George Takei

I didn’t know about the history of Japanese Internment camps in the United States until I heard Takei speak about it. Over seven years ago I saw Takei at a DragonCon panel and was taken aback by his story. I’m glad that he’s able to share his story via graphic novel and I hope he’ll be able to reach a bigger audience. 


3 Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie

My Classics Club pick for January! I know the basic story of Peter Pan and the author’s background, but I’ve never sat down to actually read the story. I found a lovely annotated version for cheap and thought this would be a magical way to start off 2020.

4 Polar Night – Julie Flanders

After the flood of vampire stories we got about a decade ago I needed a bit of a break. I usually only pick them up now if something unique peaks my interest. With Polar Night the focus is more on the mystery of a missing young woman and the detective’s journey to find her. Hopefully just a small amount of sexy vampires, not overrun by them. 

5 Under the Banner of Heaven – Jon Krakauer

A couple of years back I read Missoula by Krakauer and was demolished. It’s one of those rare books that I want to recommend to everyone, but the subject matter is difficult, so I tend not to (but should!)

This book deals with Mormon Fundamentalists by telling the story of brothers who killed a woman and her baby because they were ‘given a revelation’. I’ve already know alot about the FLDS (think prophets, sister-wives, and compounds) but I’m interested to see what Krakauer uncovers through this tragic event.


6 Daredevil: Know Fear Vol. 1 – Chip Zdarsky/Marco Checchetto

For February I have two graphic novels listed because I’m going on vacation! I always have the best intentions to read but it usually doesn’t pan out (too much to do!). Graphic novels are usually the way to go. 

It has been a minute since I’ve read Daredevil and wanted to check out the new 3 volume series that just came out. I really liked Miller and Bendis’ versions of Matt Murdock and hoping to put Zdarsky on that list.

(Also RIP the Netflix show, because that was an amazing version of Murdock. I wish we could have gotten a couple of more seasons)

7 Lock In – John Scalzi

Goodreads is telling me that this is Sci-Fi but the premise is my nightmare. Five million people get sick with a virus that makes their body a prison, ‘Lock In’ syndrome. 

NoNoNoNoNo *breathes* NOPE. Definitely horror. 

8 Squirrel Girl Vol. 1 – Ryan North/Erica Hernderson

And here’s the second graphic novel for February! I was on the fence about reading this volume but it fits one of my Popsugar entries, so it is time.

9 The Thing on the Doorstep – H. P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft is a very… well… problematic author. I’ve been on the fence for a long time about whether to read any of his stories. His influence in horror is so strong that I feel like I need at least a baseline. When I joined the Classics Club I decided it was time to read some of his short stories, so this is the CC pick for February.

10 This is How You Lose the Time War – Amal El-Mohtar

The book is a correspondence between two time agents. They are on opposing sides, but sounds like a romance might develop. All right, I’ll bite.

30 thoughts on “TTT: Winter TBR

  1. As someone who grew up Mormom and then left the faith in my mid 20s, Under the Banner of Heaven is kind of a rite of passage that I haven’t done yet. I really need to pick it up though.

    Lock in sounds so intense too. Definitely going to look that one up based on your recommendation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel the same about Once You Go In and the Assemblies of God church. It’s high on my list to read but I know its going to bring me back to an unpleasant place.

      I hope you enjoy Lock In! As scary as I am I’m also excited to read it in February.


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