Movies I’m Waiting On: Jan – Mar 2020

There are so many movies that I’m excited for this year that I decided to take this three months at a time. 

Let’s get to the movies!

1 Color Out of Space

Trippy cosmic horror with Nicolas Cage! What a treat. Even if the story is meh there are so many elements here that promise at least an interesting ride. 

2 Gretel and Hansel 

The big draw for me is that the writer/director of this movie, Osgood Perkins, also wrote/directed The Blackcoat’s Daughter, which was a scary slowburner. The trailer looks super creepy and disturbing, so I hope they play that up.

3 Birds of Prey 

I haven’t really liked the latest run of DC movies, with Wonder Woman being the only one that I found enjoyment in. Birds of Prey will hopefully add some much needed pizazz, and I’m crossing my fingers this is better than Suicide Squad.

4 Come to Daddy

I just love Elijah Wood and all the interesting choices he has made since Lord of the Rings. A couple years back I loved I’m Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore and am so happy to see Wood in an indie horror. I’m getting slow burn suspense vibes, which I dig. 

5 Buffaloed 

In the debt collection capital comes a comedy about a scammer rising through the ranks. I love hustler movies (and the movie Hustlers!) and I want to see Zoey Duetch just own everything and everyone. 

6 Emma

I’m a sucker for Jane Austen adaptations and I’ve seen most of them. I thought the 2009 TV mini-series version of Emma was a great and honestly was unsure why we’re getting another one so soon. (I guess ten years is a lot but doesn’t feel like it.)

I think Anna Taylor Joy is extremely talented and after seeing the trailer I think the casting is perfect. I also get the sense that this is gonna have a much higher energy than previous versions. When you’re remaking a property that has a few different adaptations you need a fresh angle and I think this is it. 

7 A Quiet Place II 

Maaaaan, I had no interest in this sequel. I just thought the first Quiet Place was a solid singular story and I didn’t want it to get bogged down by overexplaining. 

But then that trailer came out and Cillian Murphy walked in. Geez, I might be a sucker but I’m excited for this. 

8 Mulan

I haven’t been a fan of ‘live action’ Disney remakes. After Beauty and the Beast I swore them off. Mulan is the only one that I actually felt some excitement for and the trailer boosted that feeling. I don’t mind that there’s no songs, changes to some story elements, or no Mushu. I already have that movie and don’t need it again, and I hope Mulan embraces the difference more than the other remakes. 

9 Saint Maud (*No Dope Poster*)

I love A24’s weird religious movies, ala The Witch and First Reformed. Saint Maud is in this zany field and a strong contender to be in the same league as those two. I really hope this is good so we can get more movies in this niche genre.

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