Kiss February Goodbye…A Wrap-Up?

Boy oh boy, this winter has been rough. The month started out great with vacation and I came back ready to conquer the world… but got sick instead. The last two weeks my husband, daughter and I have all had severe colds. Right now the end is in sight but geez, I feel drained.

This has been the trend all winter, so I’m hoping spring will be kinder to my family and my productivity. So overall February was a wash but I was able to read a couple books in my sickness fog. 

Lock In – John Scazli 6/10

The Open Curtain – Brian Everson 9/10

If you missed it I was able to get a Quick Lit out this month and wrote mini- reviews for Under the Banner of Heaven, Lock In, and This is How You Lose the Time War.

Highlights from the Month

  • Before we were all hit hard with illness, we had a lovely time in Florida visiting my family. It’s always a nice break from the cold too. 
  • Watched Candyman (1992) for the first time and then the next week the trailer for the new sequel came out. The original was fantastic and I was surprised that a ‘slasher’ film got to me. After watching I’m really excited for the updated sequel this summer.
  • Even though things didn’t go as planned for the month, I’m excited for March and everything that I want to accomplish. My hope is that starting with April I can have some more focus goals but right now March is just for catching up!

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