A New Normal: March Wrap-Up

I went back and read my Wrap-Up for February, and wow… I was optimistic. I had just gotten past a rough winter where my family just kept getting cold after cold. With spring coming down the pipeline my thought was ‘Finally, some peace!’

Oh… Sweet summer child.

Because unless you are a sequestered reality show contestant (or Jared Leto) you know all about the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m in the USA, which is in the thick of it and boy oh boy. It. Is. Rooooooough.

I feel like it’s been an eternity since I posted my Spring TBR two weeks ago. I thought that I would try to get all this reading done but I didn’t allow for how my mental health would handle all of these changes. 

The first week I just watched old sitcoms. When I finally started to read I had a hard time concentrating on anything. I started both The Story of Your Life and The Priory of the Orange Tree with no luck. Both seemed like solid books that I would enjoy, but I was not in the right headspace. Three days ago I realized that I needed to throw everything out of the window, get to those TBR books later in the year, and just go with mood reading. 

And right now my mood just wants cozy mysteries. I started to read my first Miss Marple, A Murder is Annouced, and I just want more. I’ve been searching to see what e-books my library has and this blog might just turn into ‘whodunit’ central.

Ok, I’m kidding (slightly) but comfort is a high priority right now. 

When it comes to SFF and Horror there are a couple of upcoming events that are pulling my attention and I want to share:

  • Hugo Awards Nominations should be out very soon, maybe even this weekend, and I’m actually really excited. Last year’s noms lead me to Monstress which was a huge win in my book and I can’t wait to find a new favorite.
  • Halfway to Halloween on Shudder! To celebrate there’s plenty of goodies, including the 2nd season of The Last Drive In, but I’m already obsessing over this Cursed Film series. I love behind the scenes stories! 

I have no idea how long this pandemic is going to last. I feel like my anxiety has settled down to a manageable level, but we still got a long way to go. All of this to say that I have no clue what this blog is going to look like over the next few months. I’m okay with that. I just hope that in the future I can get to a place where I can write and create on a more consistent schedule.

Stay safe!

Tasheena Rose

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