TTT: Horror Books I Want to Read ASAP

With the spooky season my Horror TBR starts to get packed and I get pumped for the year ahead. In the following list are some ‘high priorities’ for the rest of this year and the next. 

1 Father of Lies – Brian Evenson

The past couple years I’ve been hunting for religious horror (my favorite subgenre) and I came across The Open Curtain, focused around fundamentalist Mormons and the practice of blood rituals. After finishing this amazing book I was thrilled to find out that it’s part of a ‘spiritual’ quartet, where Everson dives into similar themes. Father of Lies is one of the others, but honestly I’m hoping to get to all three!

2 Growing Things – Paul Tremblay

Now that I’m done with A Head Full of Ghosts I really want to read another book by Tremblay. The subject matter of Full of Ghosts was really interesting to me (again… religious horror), so I wanted to see if Tremblay can grab my attention with something new. 

3 Hell House – Richard Matheson

I want to focus a whole month on haunted houses next year and Hell House is a title I keep hearing. I’m more familiar with Matherson’s other work, I am Legend, and plan on adding this one to next year’s TBR. 

4 The Hollow Places – T. Kingfisher

So I know Kingfisher for fantasy and didn’t realize that they also wrote horror books as well. It does seem that there are some fantasy elements here, as the book is about alternate realities and the haunted creatures that live there. 

5 My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Grady Hendrix

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying was one of the ‘hot books of horror’ this year and I really enjoyed it. As I was researching Hendrix’s other works, I saw the word exorcism and you know I was intrigued. Throw in the ‘80’s and we got a match. 

6 Ring Shout – P. Djeli Clark

In this dark fantasy Clark infuses sorcery into the real horror of the KKK’s history. I’m a little nervous about what the end result will be, but right now the reviews are very positive so I’ll give it a try. I actually got a notice from the library that this novella is waiting for me, so this is one that I thankfully don’t have to wait till 2021 to read. 

7 Survive the Night – Riley Sager

Another summer, another Riley Sager book! I read Home Before Dark this year and I’m so excited for next year’s entry, where a young woman shares a drive home from college with another student, and he might be a serial killer. For me Sager has cornered the market on summer thrillers. Hoping for another good ride. 

8 Tender is the Flesh – Agustina Bazterrica

I already talked about this one this year, but I’m really making a point to read Tender is the Flesh next year. I have no clue where this fits, don’t care, I’ll just have to read it outside of my monthly themes.

27 thoughts on “TTT: Horror Books I Want to Read ASAP

      • Thank you. I’ve always been more of a film guy, I’ve heard of Rosemary’s Baby, built guiltily never k ew it was a book. I’ll check it out, thanks.

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  1. Good grief–how have I not heard of a single book on this list? Some really good ones here that I’m going to be adding to my own TBR list soon. Thanks for the suggestions! Love that cover for “My Best Friend’s Exorcism,”–HA! 🙂

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  2. I love horror. These look fantastic and I can’t wait to check them out more.. Maybe not ‘Tender is the Flesh’, that’s some twisted stuff right there. Anyway. Thank you for sharing these! 😅

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