Horror Movies I Want to See

Last week for Top Ten Tuesday I talked about the Horror books I wanted to read this coming year. I’m going rogue this week (from That Artsy Girl’s prompt) and listing the horror movies I want to watch this upcoming year. I’ve been trying to catch up on classics or popular ones I’ve never seen before and I still got a ways to go. 

1   An American Werewolf in London (1981)

This is one that I’ve heard so much about that I’m shocked that I’ve never seen it, I know so much that I feel like I already did. I’m not the biggest fan of werewolf movies, but this past year I saw Ginger Snaps for the first time and it has renewed my interest. 

2   Creepshow (1982)

After watching Trick r Treat for Halloween this year I’m thinking I’ll try another anthology for next Halloween. Stephen King projects are hit or miss but I keep hearing positive things about Creepshow, so fingers crossed. 

3   Dawn of the Day (1978)

I’m not gonna lie, after The Walking Dead I’m kind of done with zombies. I might watch a movie here or there, but I want to push myself to watch the sequels to Night of the Living Dead. This and another movie down the list are considered the zombie movies. Then after those I can take another long break 🙂

4   The Fog (1980)

Over the past few years I’ve been really getting into John Carpenter movies. I just watched The Thing for the first time earlier this year and I loved it so much. Already added They Live and In the Mouth of Madness this year as year as well. (And they were both a good time!).

5   Insidious (2010)

This is a popular one that keeps popping up. I also really like both Patrick Wilson and Rose Byron. The little bits I’ve seen here and there seem interesting and spooky so we’ll see. 

6   The Omen (1976)

Religious AND a creepy kiddo. Heck yeah. After watching The Exorcist and finding out Gregory Peck is in The Omen my interest for this one has grown.

7   The Ring (2002)

I shared a story about this one in my ‘Why I Love Religious Horror’ post, and maybe my history with The Ring is why I haven’t seen it yet. I feel like both The Ring and the Japanese movie it’s adapted from, Ringu, are staples in modern horror, so I do want to check both out. 

8   28 Days Later (2002)

Here’s the other zombie movie, and I know it’s a staple of the genre but honestly the biggest sell for me is that Cillian Murphy is the lead. Man, I hope that means he’ll make it through a majority of the movie. 

9   You’re Next (2011)

When I was doing my research for slasher movies for my Scream discussion, You’re Next is one that kept popping up. The concept sounded interesting and I want to watch it before I get any more spoilers

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