December: Let’s Celebrate This Year Finally Ending

Happy Holidays!

We’re now in the full swing of the season here in the states and with that I get to write the posts I look forward to all year. I’m a product of my time and dang it, I love a good list. December is the time to indulge with my ‘best of the year’ lists. A time to think about the highlights this year, which is very much needed right now. 

I’m still going to put together a top ten list of my favorite books this year but the movie side is going to look different. One of the many industries hit hard by covid was movies, particularly the theaters. I think I saw enough 2020 movies to do a top five but top ten might be stretching it. I decided to do the top five movies I saw for the first time this year, from any year, since the 2020 list will be so short. 

I’m also ending one Popsugar challenge and starting another, taking another swing at the Discussion challenge, and Duuuuuuuune! I originally planned to have my review of Dune line up with the release of Denis Villeneuve’s movie adaptation. But that got moved back to next October and honestly I just didn’t want to wait anymore. 

I know many have sacrificed a lot this year and I encourage you to hold on. There is hope ahead, but I know for some this holiday season is going to be lonely. Whatever you can do to bring yourself joy and health, do so. 

Wishing each one of you the best!

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