Two Challenges for 2021

Time to get my goals in order for the new year! I love planning and this is always so much fun for me. 🙂

My major reading challenges for next year are Popsugar and the ever ongoing Classics Club but I wanted to add a couple more to 2021.

Book Blog Discussion Challenge 

Let’s start with the one that sadly was a failure for 2020. I totally bombed the discussion challenge this year. I might have linked two or three posts for 2020. The lull I had for months really hurt my progress and after a while you just can’t correct the ship. So I want to give it one more try for 2021. 

The Challenge is hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight! and it’s just a way to get book bloggers to write more discussion posts. Something different than book reviews and the bloggers also provide a place to post those discussions throughout the year. The idea is to up engagement with each other and what we are reading.

It’s easy to passive read and move on quickly, a bad habit of mine, so I know I want to interact with others and I hope to write posts that others feel welcome to engage. 

2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

After I got done planning out my picks for the Popsugar prompts I realized that about fifteen of my picks were nonfiction. If this becomes reality then this would be the most non fic books I’ve ever read in a year. A couple of days later I read What’s Nonfiction’s post about a nonfiction challenge and decided to give it a try, since this might be the only year I could. 

The challenge is to read nonfiction books from twelve different categories. There’s three different goals, either read:

  1. Three Books, Any Category
  2. Six Books, Any Category
  3. Twelve Books, One from Each Category

I’m going to go with the second option reading six from any category. Reading twelve is possible but not one from each category. If you’re thinking about joining this challenge the categories are as follows:

1. Biography 2. Travel 3. Self-help

4. Essay Collection 5. Disease 6. Oceanography

7. Hobbies 8. Indigenous Cultures 9. Food

10. Wartime Experiences 11. Inventions 12. Published in 2021

You can find more information here.

And that’s it. Popsugar is definitely my focus for 2021 but I really want to strive to complete these goals as well. Wishing luck to everyone’s reading goals for the new year.

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