Popsugar 2020 WrapUp

For blog purposes I decided to start the new popsugar a little earlier. Due to this I ended this challenge on December 15th. Two more weeks was in no way going to help me finish this challenge so no issues for me. 

So you can probably gather from the intro that I didn’t complete the 2020 popsugar and this is 100% a-okay. Y’all know how ridiculous this year was and I’m just getting back to normal (or as close as one can get). I knew I wasn’t going to finish but I still wanted to do my best and end strong. 

Here’s my stats: 

Whole: 33/50

Standard: 27/40

Advance: 6/10

Now for a little fun.

At the beginning of the year I listed my picks for the different prompts. I’m glad I wrote it down because now I can go back and see how many actually matched up. 

Hahaha, I knew this was going to be low but even I’m shocked. Only nine prompt picks stayed the same! Now I left way more blank than the new 2021 list and I did use a few of the same books but in different prompts, but still…I didn’t think I would be that off. OH WELL! Hahaha.

No matter if you completed your reading goals or not this year, show yourself some kindness. It was a tough one and we still have a long road ahead of us. 

Wishing you best in the New Year,

Tasheena Rose

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