Quick Lit #8: January 2021

Well, as I’m writing this things are crazy here in America, so let’s talk about books. 

Books are happiness. And I have a couple of lovely ones right here for you. I couldn’t give them full reviews but I wanted to give them some love today. 

The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison

Maia was never supposed to be the emperor. He is the fourth son, half-goblin, and has been banished since birth. Due to a tragic accident, Maia must become emperor after his father’s and three half-brothers’ sudden deaths. Maia must figure out quickly how to move within a world that he has been separated from, and gain trust from those who vilify him. 

I loved this book so much and actually just talked about it in my favorite books of 2020 post. (Sorry for any overlap!). Maia is a great character and one I was rooting for the whole time, as he slowly wins over others with his cleverness and kindness. I do have to warn you that this book is really thick with the world building, but well worth it. There’s also a murder mystery. Yessss! 

I decided to restart The Goblin Emperor because I thought it had potential with my January theme, the hero’s journey. Once I finished I realized that even though there is plenty of crossover I don’t know if I can classify it as such. While Maia leaves his home and faces many trials that shape his character, it’s not a quest and he doesn’t return home, and can never return. 

Solutions and Other Problems – Allie Brosh

My first introduction to Allie Brosh’s work was a few years back when I read her first book Hyperbole and a Half. I was surprised by how much I actually laughed out loud at the candidness of her struggle with depression and anxiety. The graphic novel’s strength was the ability to balance those two elements perfectly.

After being delayed a few years, I probably put some undue pressure on Solutions and other Problems. I think it’s as strong as the first, it just didn’t hit me as hard emotionally. The section that got to me the most was about the hardest few months of her life; the release of the new book coming out while fighting a depression spiral. And then tragedy hits her family hard.

At the end I think Allie Brosh is just trying to find a way to be kind to herself, even when that is the most difficult act. Life’s rough and we can be monsters sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t show compassion to our ugly side.

Quick Lit is a monthly meme hosted by Modern Mrs. Darcy.

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