TTT: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2021

After some time off I’m easing in with a post to help me get back into the swing of things. Here’s some of the new releases I’m keeping an eye on over the next few months. 

1 Survivor the Night – Riley Sager

June 29th

The day this post comes out this book is making its way to my doorstep. I’ve read three of Sager’s thrillers and I’m ready for more. Survivor the Night takes place in 1991 where two strangers, Charlie and Josh, are taking a college rideshare back to Ohio. A long drive with a stranger is hard enough, but what if you suspect that he’s also a serial killer? 

I saw that the book’s time frame is six hours, which I’m interested to see how Sager utilizes that and the 1991 setting. Can’t wait!

2 The Final Girl Support Group – Grady Hendrix

July 13th

Last year I read Hendrix’s The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Vampire Slaying in a couple of days. It had been awhile since my anxiety was so high from a book I needed to blaze through it so I could be released. 

Not sure if Hendrix’s new book will have the same effect but I’m sold on the premise. Someone is targeting a group of ‘final girls’ and taking them out one by one. I’m interested to see how the characters, who have experienced very traumatic events, will deal with facing another. 

3 She Who Became the Sun – Shelley Parker-Chan

July 20th

A queer historical fantasy novel about the rise of a new emperor and the Ming dynasty. Zhu, a poor starving girl, takes her dead brother’s identity in order to change her fate. 

While I don’t want to start a new series with only the first book out (I always forget details by the time the next book is out), I’m tempted to read this in the near future. While there’s parallels to Mulan I think there’s enough differences to really push this story in a more adult direction. 

4 Chasing the Boogeyman – Richard Chizmar

August 17th

I feel like since Covid lockdown began I’ve been a little burnt out by True Crime. Usually doesn’t grab my attention unless there’s a cult aspect to it. Chizmar’s book demanded my attention for different reasons though. In 1988 the bodies of multiple missing girls were found in the small town of Edgewater, Maryland. 

Not only is Edgewater not that far away, I have family that work there (you better believe I texted my sister-in-law!). There’s always an extra level of eriness when the true crime novel takes place in a small town you know. 

5 My Heart is a Chainsaw – Stephen Graham Jones 

August 31st

I still have to read The Only Good Indians and now Jones has another book coming out! (This is the drive I need to finally read the former.) The new book is about a young woman in the middle of a slasher movie hell that’s plaguing her small town. 

6 Light From Uncommon Stars – Ryka Aoki

Sept. 28th

There’s many elements of this trippy queer adventure that sound like interesting but I’m looking forward to a genuine sci-fi and fantasy hybrid. Magic and aliens!

7 Truth of the Divine – Lindsay Ellis

October 12th

I really loved Ellis’ debut Axiom’s End last year and so glad I’ll be able to read the sequel soon. First Contact meets my favorite trope of ‘My Monster Boyfriend’ is probably not for everyone but was definitely for me. ❤

8 Far From the Light of Heaven – Tade Thompson

October 26th

I feel like my list is mostly horror so I’m happy to have another sci-fi novel on my radar. With a focus on Africanfuturism, Thompson’s new book is about a colony ship Ragtime and the 1,000 human sleepers on board. Due to circumstances and *choices*, it becomes less likely that all 1,000 will make it to their destination.

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