A New Year: A Look Ahead

Alright, so over the past couple of months I’ve signed up for challenges, readathons, and a new series for myself. I wanted to bring everything together in one post, and bring 2020 in focus. In essence, these are the goals I have for myself: 1 Read at least 60 books.  2 Watch 40 movies from […]

My Favorite Ten Films of 2019

With this I can finally saw farewell to 2019. Here’s my favorite movies from this past year:  10 Hail Satan? This documentary about the Satanic Temple made it on my list because this is the info that everyone should know, but doesn’t. Most are confused by the name and think Satanists are devil worshippers (I […]

A Decade in Film Series

Along with the “End of the Year” lists there’s also been a lot of posts recapping the decade. If my memory wasn’t so poor I would probably try a decade recap, but it would be a struggle.  This did give me an idea for my own mini movie series. I want to revisit some of […]