Popsugar 2020 WrapUp

For blog purposes I decided to start the new popsugar a little earlier. Due to this I ended this challenge on December 15th. Two more weeks was in no way going to help me finish this challenge so no issues for me.  So you can probably gather from the intro that I didn’t complete the […]

Two Challenges for 2021

Time to get my goals in order for the new year! I love planning and this is always so much fun for me. 🙂 My major reading challenges for next year are Popsugar and the ever ongoing Classics Club but I wanted to add a couple more to 2021. Book Blog Discussion Challenge  Let’s start […]

The Classics Club Challenge

While I like reading the hot new book everyone is talking about there’s so many amazing classics that I don’t want to miss out on. And this is not an excuse to reread Pride and Prejudice (again), but there’s some major holes in my literary knowledge.  The Classics Club Challenge gives me the opportunity to […]